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Welcome to Class 3-1 with Mr. Brodie!


End of November Updates

We're on our way to Lego Land soon to introduce our new Science unit, Strong and Stable Structures.

We've been working in the Halton Cloud with a partner, conducting research on a specialized community in Ontario, such as mining, residential, tourism, etc..  Students will be using the information they have gathered to create slide show presentations, presenting them to the class before the winter break.

Mr. Philipp is now teaching most lessons in our classroom and will finish his practicum on December 5th.  He's been teaching us how to find the main idea in texts (both fiction and non-fiction), introducing geometry, and conducting guided reading with groups of readers.  His art lessons have been thorough and exciting.  Hopefully he'll come back to visit later in the school year.



Exploring the friction of different surfaces using a spring scale to measure force.


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