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Welcome to Class 3-1 with Mr. Brodie!


May Update

After taking April off to be with my family, I am now back in the classroom.  I'm excited to see my students again and to hear how they've been.

Here's what we'll be working on in class ...
We will spend the next few weeks preparing for the EQAO assessments and starting new units in Language, Math, and Science.  If you are interested in viewing past EQAO assessments to become familiar with the format, you are invited to view the EQAO page under the Parent tab.  We will be focusing on Length, Perimeter, and Area in Math, but will also be covering the big ideas in other units to be sure that all important content is covered prior to EQAO.  We will be exploring and practicing the reading strategy of inferring, using evidence and our own experiences to develop conclusions.  Students will also continue to explore text features in levelled non-fiction texts, explaining various types of text features and their use.  For example, an index helps a reader to locate information on specific topics within a non-fiction text.  Having concluded Social Studies with last week's field trip, we will focus on Science until the end of the year.  We will start by examining types of soils and their uses, leading into plants.


Soil activity

Examining soil.


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