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Welcome to Class 3-1 with Mr. Brodie!


It's February!

We've been wrapping up many units lately with projects and tests.  In Social Studies we've been focusing on types of communities and land use.  Students had a big in-class project where they had to place a community in Ontario based on clues, such as land use, population, and climate.  Next term we'll be looking at Communities in Canada from 1780-1850.

We've completed our unit on Strong and Stable Structures in Science.  Our final task was to build a structure from newspaper and describe how we made it strong and stable.  Out next Science unit won't begin for a little while because we'll want to spend time outside for Soils and Plants.

In Language, we've moved from retells to current events.  Students are identifying the important elements (who, what, where, when, and why) to retell the main idea of news articles.  With mid-year reading assessments done, we'll be getting back into guided reading with new groups, too.

In Math, we're working on measurement.  This unit looks at time, temperature, mass, and capacity.

And that's what's happening in class 3-1.  Thanks for checking in!


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