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2014 - 2015


Welcome to Class 3-1 with Mr. Brodie!


October Updates

Our class raised an amazing $833 for the Terry Fox Foundation!  They should be very proud of their hard work.  As a result, I owe them a movie and juice.  That was the deal.

Students have just started to learn how to play Chess.  I've added a Fun page with an online Chess game, as well as a few other critical thinking games.

We are continuing to learn about Forces and Movement in Science class, spending time with hands-on activities designed to explore different forces.  Ask your child what they know about friction and magnetism.  

In Social Studies we've been learning about natural resources, land use, and the three physical regions in Ontario.  We'll be starting to focus on municipalities this week.  

We'll be starting to learn about persuasive writing this week and, eventually, writing paragraphs to convince others of various things.  I've had a chance to read with most students one-on-one and will be using this information to make guided reading groups.  We'll discuss our strengths as readers and our next steps.

In Math, students have been reinforcing their understanding of Place Value.  We'll be starting to develop a few different addition and subtraction strategies to add to our existing methods.

Did I mention Scientists in the School?  October is going to be a lot of fun!



Exploring the friction of different surfaces using a spring scale to measure force.


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