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Eight Key Reading Comprehension Strategies

Throughout the year we will be introducing, practicing, and reinforcing various reading comprehension strategies.  I will focus on three or four of these strategies, but will touch on most.  

This list is compiled using the Into the Book website which is FREE.  CHECK IT OUT!

1. Visualizing - creating a movie in your mind while you read. You try to see, hear, feel, and even smell what is going on.  Your mind movie helps you understand and remember what you read – and it’s fun!

2. Questioning – helps you find information and focus your attention on what’s important in the text.  Ask questions like “Why?” “What if?” and “I wonder?” before, during and after reading and you’ll understand a lot better.

3. Evaluating – making a judgment about what you read, and explaining why.  Did you find the information you need?  Did the author use interesting words?  Were there great pictures?  Those are called criteria.

4. Inferring – figuring out something that the author doesn’t actually say.  You can use clues that are in the text, and things from your own mind.  Sometimes it’s called “reading between the lines,” and it adds a lot more meaning to the story.

5. Prior Knowledge – using what you already know to help you understand something new.  It’s like putting on your thinking cap and pulling out thoughts that can help you understand what you’re reading.

6. Making Connections – links what you are reading to your own life, to other books or to the world.  Look for connections that will help you understand and enjoy what you read.

7. Synthesizing – learning from what you read and adding new ideas to what you already know.  Sometimes your thinking changes.

8. Summarizing – figuring out what is really important in the text and explaining it in your own words.  A summary should be shorter than the original text – you don’t tell all the details.  A good summary will help you remember what you read.

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