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Math: GRASP Problem Solving

To help students develop their problem solving and communication abilities, we have started to use the GRASP Problem Solving organizer.  The GRASP organizer breaks down the steps to problem solving into small manageable pieces, helping students to communicate what they know, what they want to know, how they plan on getting there, doing it, and then reflecting on the process.

The steps to problem solving are:

Understand the Problem (knowledge)

  • Do I know what the question is asking?
  • Do I know what the problem is?

Plan a Strategy to Use (thinking)

  • How will I begin to find a solution?
  • Do I think I know what the solution is?

Solve the Problem (application)

  • Work out the answer using my strategy
  • I can use pictures, numbers, words, diagrams, manipulatives, or other

Look Back (communication)

  • How will I tell others my pathway to my solution?
  • Will they understand my strategy?  Do I need to explain it further?
GRASP Organizer
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