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Tribes is a way to establish a positive culture for learning and human development throughout a school community. There are four Tribes agreements that schools in Halton try to live and teach by.  They are:

Appreciation/No Put-Downs


To treat others kindly; to state appreciation for unique qualities, gifts, skills and contributions; to avoid negative remarks, name-calling, hurtful gestures and behaviours

Attentive Listening


To pay close attention to one another's expression of ideas, opinions and feelings; to check for understanding; and to let others know that they have been heard

Mutual Respect (for yourself, others, and belongings)


To affirm the value and uniqueness of each person; to recognize and appreciate individual and cultural differences; and offer feedback that encourages growth

The Right to Participate/Pass


To have the right to choose when and to what extent one will participate in a group activity; to observe quietly if not participating actively; and to choose whether to offer observations later to a group when asked to do so

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