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Parents and teachers often struggle to balance the expectations of homework with busy personal lives, such as sports and family responsibilities.  As such, I would like to approach homework a little differently this year.  Student homework will involve two regular parts, Daily Talks and a Home Reading Log.  Please read about these below.

If desired, extra math sheets will always be available on our classroom website, reflecting the current unit (check the student section).  I am also happy to provide extra practice sheets when requested.


Daily Talks

Each day (Monday - Thursday), students will record a Daily Talk topic in their agenda.  The topic will be something that we've been learning about in class, such as a math or reading strategy.  Students are asked to have a conversation with their parents about the topic and record what was discussed.  Each Friday, students are asked to submit the week's notes.

Daily Talks should help to reinforce student understanding of the important topics taught in class while also informing parents what we've been learning.  I encourage parents to ask follow-up questions to their child to extend their thinking.

Home Reading Logs

ReadingAtHomeStudents are asked to read for 15 minutes per night in grade 3.  Each month they will be provided with a simple calendar in a manilla folder.  Please help them to keep track of their reading by initialling the calendar each day that they successfully read for 15 minutes.  At the end of each month, students will reflect on their progress, set a goal for the following month, and submit their Home Reading Log.

Parents are encouraged to read with their child and discuss the content.  Ask prompting questions.  For example, where did the story take place (setting)?  Who are the main characters?  What was the problem?  Solution?  Summarize what was read.  Can your child identify the main points?  It is these types of reading comprehension prompts that will strengthen your child's reading abilities.  The mechanics of reading is one thing.  Reading comprehension is something very different.

To read about the Halton District School Board's Homework Guidelines, follow the link.

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