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Light & Sound




Laser Game
Sun, Light & Shadows
Light & Dark
How We See
Light Sources & Light Rays
Light Sources & Light Rays Questions (test yourself)
Reflection: Seeing Objects
Reflection: Seeing Objects Questions (test yourself)
Shadows Questions (test yourself)
Reflection: Mirrors
Reflection: Mirrors Questions (test yourself)




Changing Sounds
Sources of Sound
Sources of Sound Questions (test yourself)
Loudness Questions (test yourself)
Pitch Questions (test yourself)

Properties of Light


Properties of Sound

#1: Light travels in a straight line.

Light Property 1


#1: Sound travels.

Sound Property 1

#2: Light reflects off smooth, shiny, flat surfaces in a regular reflection pattern.

Light Property 2


#2: Sound can be reflected (bounce).



Sound Property 2

#3: Light reflects off rough, shiny, uneven surfaces in a diffuse reflection pattern.

Light Property 3


#3: Sound can be absorbed (not bounce).

Sound Property 3

#4: Light that is not reflected is absorbed.

Light Property 4


#4: Sound can be modified
(e.g., pitch and loudness).

Sound Property 4

#5: Light bends as it passes through water.

Light Property 5


#5: Sound is caused by vibrations.


Sound Property 5

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