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Students in grade 3 will write the EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) assessment on May 29, 30, and 31. Leading up to the assessment, we will discuss what to expect from the test and practice together.  We'll go over the content that students will be expected to know (curriculum covered) and the various formats (e.g., short answer, multiple choice, etc).

Students will complete 2 Language booklets and 1 Math booklet over the course of 3 days.  Each day, students will be provided with two learning blocks (200 minutes) to complete a portion of the assessment.  If students require extra time, that can be accommodated.

It is my hope that students will not put too much pressure on themselves before, during, or after the EQAO assessment.  I certainly won't.  It has no bearing on their report card.  Parents and students will receive results of the assessment next Fall.  See a sample student report here.

You may find EQAO sample tests from previous years below.  If you wish, please feel free to explore these old tests at home.

Sample Math Booklet
Sample Reading Booklet
Sample Language Answer Booklet

Sample Math Booklet
Sample Language Booklet

Sample Math Booklet
Sample Language Booklet

The teacher is allowed to read questions to students in the Math and Writing sections of the assessment, if they request it. Having a question read often helps comprehension.

The teacher is not allowed to read questions or content during the Reading sections.


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